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About StillNature.org


My name is René K. Müller, I developed StillNature.org as result of my admiration to feature close views of nature, to display its inherent beauty.

As for now it has mostly photos, close-ups of "ordinary" appearance of nature, like stones, surfaces, clouds and so forth.

I think because it's so overwhelming and penetrating to be exposed to "nature" all the time, we are missing to really understand what nature is, what reality is.

We live in villages, cities, mostly in houses, rectangular shaped habitats, whereas the nature surrounding us rarely comes in such shapes.

Enjoy the photos!

René K. Müller
October 2007

  • 2015/08/16: Added "Sunflower"; increased photo size, updated drop shadow and simplified web/html code

  • 2010/11/12: Dropped "Forest Staufberg" and replaced with a new series of "Lotus Flower"; also cleaned up a bit the design

  • 2008/08/26: Included "Lake Reflection" photo series

  • 2007/10/14: Domain registered, site put up with various photo series


  • 2004-2008: Canon A310 (3.2MP), with 512MB CompactFlash with recharchable 2xAA batteries

  • 2010: Traveler XS 12 (12MP), with 2 or 4GB SDHC Cards with built-in battery

  • 2013-2015: Galaxy S2 I9100 Smartphone (8MP)


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